• Centros Educativos

    The use of the Aulavirtualmusica method is limited to teachers and students of Music Schools and Conservatories, not for individuals. 

  • Alumnos

    Each student has an exclusive license, from any device with Internet access, personalized for their Educational Center. 

  • Comunidad de docentes

    Teachers are an active part, contributing ideas, needs and exchanging experiences, which are integrated into new versions.



Since 2014, when aulavirtualmusica.com began to be used in the Musical Society of Canet de Berenguer, in Valencia, many teachers have participated in the improvements of the platform, not only collaborating with their splendid ideas and advice, but even providing their own material for the use by other teachers.

That is the philosophy of aulavirtualmusica.

One of the objectives of aulavirtualmusica is to create a large community of teachers of music education, where all participants can exchange content, news, ideas, “crazy things" ... And always trying to improve music education.

Every September, aulavirtualmusica organizes a meeting in Canet de Berenguer, Valencia, to which all the teachers who are using our teaching method are invited.

The objective, besides presenting the novelties for the next course, is to create a forum for discussing about new methodologies, resources, opinions, etc.

Thanks to all the members of our community, aulavirtualmusica is growing day by day, becoming a living method that never stops feeding on new ideas.

Interactive teaching method of Musical Language