• Centros Educativos

    The use of the Aulavirtualmusica method is limited to teachers and students of Music Schools and Conservatories, not for individuals. 

  • Alumnos

    Each student has an exclusive license, from any device with Internet access, personalized for their Educational Center. 

  • Comunidad de docentes

    Teachers are an active part, contributing ideas, needs and exchanging experiences, which are integrated into new versions.



For class attendance, the student has a textbook with a built-in staff book.

aulavirtualmusica.com allows, accessing with the personalized license, the revision of the contents worked in class.

It also has the section "My progress", being able at all times to see their progress in exercises, games, tests, etc.

The use of the license is personal. Simultaneous use with the same username is not allowed.

Interactive teaching method of Musical Language